Catering Information


   Our catering business is evolving as we adjust our processes and procedures to safely serve our customers while ensuring that our entire team remains safe. To accomplish these goals, we are making the following changes.

  • We will be following all the Safety Procedures for food service that are recommended by the CDC to slow the spread of COVID-19. These include requiring team members to wear face masks while working, washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds each time and cleaning and sanitizing their work areas as time allows during their work time.
  • We will be adding an additional team member to the crew so each person will be able to work the entire event at one assigned task and will not have to be moving around the workspace.
  • We will be serving the pizza from our work area which will be taped off and guests will not be able to enter. Guests will get their pizza by going to the front of our serving tent where (while practicing social distancing of at least six feet) they will give their order to the team member who is inside the tent behind the sneeze guard. The pizza will be plated and handed to the guest. The guest will return to the guest area and may return to our tent as many times as they want for more pizza.

   We have modified our pricing structure due to increased costs associated with the above procedures.
Our minimum event is for 20 people and costs $400. The largest event size we will serve is sixty people.
If there are more than 20 guests, then each additional guest is included for $10 more.There is no charge for kids who are five years old or less. Children from six to twelve years are $5 each. Kids 13 and above are included at the adult price of $10 each.

If you have further questions or to book your event, please call Alan Landon at 559-972-8592 or send email to


Salad for your guests                   $3/person
Drinks                                           $3/person
Dessert Pizza                                $16 each
All Fired Up! Pizza
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